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Entretenimiento Educación

FASTspeak provides access to a continuing series of APPS to help you speak other languages.

FASTspeak APPS use the advanced iPhone, iPod and iPad features so you can listen to how native/local speakers talk and then learn how to pronounce key words like them.

What makes FASTspeak APPS stand out from other language learning aids is that with the APPS you can pick the words you most want to listen to and save them in Your list for instant replay.

The FASTspeak APPS include difficult VERBs both present and past as well as providing you with some of the most common and useful words for an increasing range of languages.

Another advantage is that FASTspeak APPS can be used as a quick translation tool that can help improve your writing skills.

FASTspeak APPS are ideal for learning on the move - Jogging or walking, on the train or bus, by the swimming pool or in a boring meeting.

FASTspeak - helps you speak like a native - Fast.